Tips for a successful lifestyle newborn session

You have booked your Newborn Lifestyle Session and you may wonder what you and your family can do to have a successful session.  There are a few tips to prepare and have the best photo session with Cool Breeze Photography. 

  • Your session will take place on the parents bed, living room and nursery and possibly outside weather permitting. We will capture your family where the light is the best in your home at the time of day that we schedule. Take into consideration where the light is best in your home and what time of day that takes place so that we can utilize this light in those main rooms. 
  • If your newborn has siblings, I suggest that we (at least one parent and myself)  start off your session down on the floor of their play area to engage with them in what is interesting to them so that we “break the ice”. I may shoot a few things at this time or I may leave my camera off and just get to know your child (ren) depending on their level of comfort with me. The goal is to warm up to them so that the rest of the session is enjoyable for them and for all of us. 
  • We will move to the parents bedroom and the family will hug on and love on the new baby together. The idea is that you are not posing for the camera for a family photo here where everyone is looking at me. I want older children to hold the baby, let baby’s finger wrap around their brother or sister’s finger , kisses on the forehead or top of head provide great expressions of love,  cuddle up together, tickle a little to bring out real laughter. If you have fur family members, I encourage your family to add them to the mix provided they can be directed if needed. 
  • I will take photos of the baby on the bed by themselves. I recommend solid colored onsies for these shots.  I love to take photos of mom with baby near a window at this time. Close up shots of baby’s head, feet, hands and face are important shots that I will capture.  These shots will be directed but the more you just love on your baby, the more realistic these images will feel. 
  • We will move to the nursery where I will get photos of the decor, of baby in their crib, changing baby on the changing table, rocking baby and sibling shots on the floor if the light is good in this room.  
  • We will move to the living room and the family will hang out on the couch. This is the opportunity for Dad to hold their baby and I will guide you on some ways to hold our baby but again, loving on your baby with kisses, hugs and looking affectionately into your baby’s face will provide me with photos that show all the love between you. 
  • If you are breastfeeding and want photos of nursing your baby, just let me know and we will find some beautiful light in your home and a comfy spot and get some great photos of this special bonding time. 
  • If the light wasn’t perfect in the nursery for the sibling photos, I will capture these on the couch or in a chair. Additional photos that may be captured include Mom with her children, Dad with the kids and any special moments that stand out to me.
  • Your session will be a combination of candid moments and guided moments. I don’t like to use the word posed to describe the shots I will capture but I will make suggestions for places to stand and ways to hold your baby but all the affection you show is up to you. 


Tips for what to wear:

  • I prefer families wear neutral colors such as white, grey, navy, tan and black.  Please do not put the entire family in the same color. This is not how you would normally dress on a day to day basis so I want your photos to reflect your personality. Neutral colors puts the emphasis on your faces and your baby and keeps the session focused on the emotions. Try to avoid clothes with logos, heavily patterned clothing or bright/loud colors. Please dress children in comfortable clothing so that they are happy. I prefer baby to wear cotton or knit clothing and try not to dress baby in a button up shirt (they ride up around the neck when baby is laying down). 
  • I stress the idea that you should wear things from your closet as they will already be broken in and comfortable. I also want your photo session to be a reflection of your family.  Look at the photo examples for ideas of what to wear.


Additional tips:

  • Please do not stress about cleaning or extensively picking up your home. You just had a baby and I don’t expect your home to be perfect. Focus on making your bed, removing clutter from your living area  so the focus can be on your family. Do not worry about dusting or deep cleaning… I promise you it won’t be the focus of our photos. 
  • Sessions last about 60-90 minutes. Time is built in if baby needs to eat or if siblings need a little more time to warm up. 
  • There will not be a posed baby photos with baskets or props. A newborn lifestyle session is a relaxed session intended to feel like someone is observing some of your everyday moments with your family 


Here are examples of images from newborn lifestyle sessions: 

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