Tips for a Successful Lifestyle Session

You have booked your Lifestyle session and now you are not sure what to do next.  Here are some helpful suggestions for having a successful Lifestyle session.  

A Lifestyle session means your session will largely remain unposed. Posing normally takes place in a classic portrait session where the photographer tells you exactly where you should stand and generally poses your family to create an ideal image. Each shot is carefully created and the entire session is planned down to exactly what you should wear and where your session is captured. 

A Lifestyle session will not be posed photography but we will put some thought and effort into finding the best light at your home or capturing your beach session during the few hours before sunset to get the best light. We don’t worry as much about what your wearing but we stress that the clothes should be comfortable, appropriate for the location (no church dresses or shoes on the beach) and that you leave the logo style shirts in the drawer and wear clothes that won’t distract from the interaction among your family.

The main thing to remember is have a couple of activities that your family can all engage in together. Things like cooking, setting the table for dinner, making a snack, playing ball or any other outdoor activity, blowing bubbles, chalk on the sidewalk, riding bikes, playing with the family pet, reading books, giving a bath, cuddling on the couch or bed, tickling, tossing, giggling, laughing. Sometimes kids don’t get along or fall down and there are even tears. All of it is real life. 

Why do you want your “real life” portrayed in a photo session? 

Have you ever looked back on older photos of your family and see the family couch that was well loved and it brings back a flood of memories of the events that were centered around that couch? Perhaps you have photos of you with your parents and you are amazed by how young they look.  Do you see resemblances in yourself in those photos?

On a personal note, I have a photo of me at the dining room table with the crochet orange and brown flower table cloth eating a piece of birthday cake and the lava lamp is in the background. I’m wearing a classic 70’s inspired outfit… you know the one: orange with green flowers made out of polyester material. What I see in that photo is more than a 4 year old little girl.. I see a moment captured in a time capsule known as a photograph.  THIS is what real life looks like. Not a posed picture taken in a portrait studio. 

I want to bring you those moments and let you and your family be the star of your own time capsule photos. Let’s hang out in your home and engage with one another. Let’s go to the beach and do all the wonderful beach things that you always do. A day at the park spent on the monkey bars or swings elicits the exact same joy every time. Let’s capture those feelings. 


Here are some images from some of my favorite Lifestyle sessions that will show you exactly what I mean:

In our Lifestyle session, we will discuss all the details of where you want to have your session, best time of day to capture your family and remind you that what you wear should be exactly what you would wear in those exact same places. Father’s especially love the easy nature of a photo session like ours.

One last tip to mention, if you have an interest in a Day in the Life style session that lasts longer than 2 hours…. a session that starts when your family wakes and follows you until you tuck your kids in bed… this is a more extensive commitment to having your family captured but it can really provide you with an amazing slice of your life.  These sessions are a flat rate fee of $500 and provides a digital download sized up to a 4×6 image and option to purchase other products.  Let me know if you are interested in this type of session. 


Email with any questions or to book your Lifestyle session today. 

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