Dusting off this rusty blog, I am here to announce a new direction for Cool Breeze Photography and to share my partnership with another photographer, Mandy Chapman of Twig & Feather Photography.

First, I would like to explain a little bit more about the direction that I’m taking Cool Breeze Photography.  Six years ago I started my business and every day that I had the opportunity to capture people other than my own family was an amazing day. I continued to be surprised that people paid me to do something that I loved so much.  Fast forward to the present and I’m about to embark on another leap of faith…specializing in Birth Photography and Lifestyle Sessions exclusively.  I have been capturing the birth stories of so many wonderful families over the past 4 years and have grown more in love with each new family I capture.  As my birth photography business has grown, I have recognized that I have had an itch that I just couldn’t quite scratch with portrait photography sessions. My love for candids. Specifically, capturing families in their natural settings or in their element being together in a non-posed way.  The more Lifestyle sessions and Birth Stories that I have captured, the more I realized how passionate I am for that style. So this year I decided to take a my business in this exclusive direction. Over the course of the next few months, you will see my website fill up with examples of this work. You will see more Facebook posts sharing the wonderful world of Lifestyle Photography. I have posted so many things over the years that explain what this style of photography is so if you are NOT familiar with THIS post or THIS post, I hope you will check them out. 

This leads me to my wonderful partnership with Mandy Chapman of Twig & Feather Photography (formally Lotus Lily Photography).  She specializes in maternity, newborn, stylized sessions that are full of fantasy and whimsy, and families and weddings. Her style is posed exclusively. What I love about Mandy’s work is that she creates images that are works of art. Meant to be enlarged and showcased on your walls. I love the rustic, vintage inspired style. She’s unique to our area and has developed a wonderful relationship with her clients. What I especially love is how much she cares about each image and the time and attention to detail she puts in each shot. 

It is exactly the opposite of the type of work that I specialize in which is fly by the seat of your pants, hold your breathe and hang on for the ride because you don’t want to miss a moment type of photography.  Nothing is planned out. No details is prepared in advance (maybe a few suggestions but we keep this at a minimum) and the main goal of our session is capturing authentic moments of happiness and joy. Sometimes we even experience a moment of sadness and pain. I’ve been known to keep shooting when a child falls down and skins their knee. Those real emotions and the soothing efforts of a parent are REAL. Moments your child will love to look back on someday. It is my goal to give you images for albums that you will sit down with years from now and laugh over and reminisce about the small, unforgettable everyday moments of your life.

We are looking forward to working with clients to provide them so many great options for their photography sessions.  Artful Maternity Sessions, Birth Stories with emotional connections, Posed Newborn Sessions or a Lifestyle Newborn Session,  Whimscial Fantasy Stylized Sessions and Lifestyle sessions in the home, beach or park.  We have something for everyone and we hope you will consider working with both of our studios. 

Watch for a promotional announcement soon from Cool Breeze Photography. 

Here is a wonderful example of a beautiful lifestyle beach session with a family:

Gomez Family at Wrightsville Beach, NC

Here are some images from Birth Stories and Lifestyle Sessions from Cool Breeze Photography followed by images from Twig & Feather Photography to show you examples of our work:

    newborn, birth, captured at the hosptial



Email Cool Breeze Photography at to book or call 910-431-7854 or Twig & Feather Photography at to book or call 910-368-9345

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