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I have a friend who’s husband passed away from a long illness and left behind young children and a wife. One of the things that helps her cope with her grief is being able to look back on the pictures she has had taken of her family and to also share with others that he is not forgotten. He lives on in their lives because she captured all kinds of moments over the years. Little details that she can look back on and always recall clearly because they were captured in a photograph.

As my 2 older children have moved away from home and my third child is preparing to finish his senior year of high school and go off to college, I find myself looking back on photographs of when they were younger and recalling so many memories of little details of their childhood. It makes me so grateful that I scrapbooked during those younger years because as I flip those pages I am reminded of the time when my youngest son cut his own hair. I laugh at the memory of my daughter making her “if looks could kill” face. I smile because whenever I tried to get my three kids together to take their picture, the oldest one would do everything he could to make his brother and sister laugh which of course made us all laugh. These memories are a small comfort to me as they grow older and the memories fade a little. Knowing I can flip open an album and relive the good times (and the bad) is something that cannot be replaced.

A lifestyle session is not a typical portrait session. What I am there to do is to capture all those great little details that you never want to forget. Like those great moments of reading your child a story and how he holds his favorite stuffed animal under his chin and strokes the top over and over wearing a small spot in the fabric. How about those family dances in the living room or that special after school treat that you bake that tells them that they are loved. I want to help YOUR family have those photographs to cherish years from now. Perhaps you won’t have a serious illness that begs you to reflect on all the good times together but chances are you will someday be an empty nester. Trust me when I say… time really does fly by fast!
Here are some of my favorite Lifestyle session moments from different families and check out the special promotion offered at the end of this post.

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