Birth Story of Blake

When I met Brandon and Karen several months ago, I could see the love between this couple and anticipated capturing the birth of their son. I also enjoyed meeting Izabella at the family’s maternity shoot and could see the excitement she felt about being a big sister. Most of my birth story families are first time parents or parents of much younger little ones. This family’s age gap between siblings was something I was looking forward to capturing. Not only would I have the opportunity to capture big sister’s reaction to her brother but the family planned to have her witness the birth as well.

There are many aspects of the birth of Blake that stand out to me. They include how calm and centered Karen was throughout her entire labor. During the entire labor and delivery, Karen powered through without any medication. This was the goal of their Birth Plan to deliver without medication. She truly was a tower of strength. Watching Izabella in awe of her baby brother being born and how mature she handled the entire event. She is going to be such a great help. Brandon put on his scrubs and planned to help bring his son into this world. Watching a father help deliver his child is something I will never forget and I’m sure he will always remember as well.

Here are some of my favorite images from the birth of Blake Zaytoun Ryan:




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Please also check out their slideshow and the video of Dad bringing his son into this world:


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