Woman helping Woman…. A Birth Story; surrogacy’s incredible gift

About 4 weeks ago, I received a call from Sara inquiring about my birth photography. I discussed what I offer and the different options. She went on to explain how she was calling on behalf of the parents of the child that she was carrying as their surrogate. My ears perked up and my heart started to race and I couldn’t stop smiling thinking about what an amazing opportunity this would be to capture the birth of a surrogacy baby. As a birth photographer, I’m so passionate about every birth story I am able to capture. Each one unique and special. However, I knew that a surrogacy birth is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any photographer. I never imagined that I would forever be changed by the selfless gift, the miracle of science and the love of 2 families. I hope that you will discover a birth story that is unique and special in every way.

Daniel and Ana Carla found Sara through a Facebook ad they placed looking for a surrogate to help them make their dreams of having a family possible. Ana Carla has Multiple sclerosis (MS) and Sara offered to be their gestational surrogate (A woman who carries a fertilized embryo formed from another woman’s egg to term—completion of pregnancy—and is expected to release the infant to the genetic parents upon delivery). This is the beginning of their story… Here is the story of Sidonia Marie’s birth….










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